Monday, December 15, 2008

They thought bread was important!

Bread was very important to the egyptians . That was a part of their main diet. Can u belive that back then they had over 40 types of breads! Now thats alot! Some of the flavors that they used to give things some better taste were honey, garlic and onions. Sounds familar right. The most common bread that they ate was flat bread. Have you ever heard of that bread? Now about there grains. They had a large varity grains that they used to make food. Some of the things that they used grains for was to make cakes.Yum! They also used them to make pastries, and bread. What a surpise they made bread with grain. Bread was actually not the best for them. The berad was all gritty and wore away the egyptiand teeth. Ew! Now would you really want to eat that bread if it made your teeth all gritty. Well i don't know about you but i sure like to have nice and white teeth.

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